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ACCA: Your Gateway to a Global Accounting Career

Thinkquity is proud to offer online ACCA classes, equipping students worldwide, particularly those in India, with the prestigious qualification of Chartered Certified Accountant. But what exactly is ACCA and how can it benefit your career?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), founded in 1904, is the world's largest professional accounting body with over 240,000 members and 540,000 future members spread across 180 countries. Earning the ACCA qualification unlocks a vast array of job opportunities due to its global recognition.


Knowledge Level (3 exams)

These introductory exams lay the foundation for your accounting knowledge, covering areas like accounting principles, business and technology, and corporate governance.


Skills Level (6 exams)

Building upon the knowledge base, these exams delve deeper into practical accounting applications. You'll tackle subjects like taxation, financial reporting, audit and assurance, and performance management.


Professional Level (4 exams)

Here, you'll develop strategic thinking and advanced technical skills. You can choose two compulsory exams (Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting) and two electives from options like Corporate and Business Law, Advanced Taxation, and Financial Management.

The Path to ACCA Membership

Successfully passing all the exams is just one part of the equation. To become an ACCA member and use the coveted ACCA designation after your name, you'll need to fulfil three additional requirements:

  • Practical Experience Requirement (PER): Gain at least 36 months of relevant accounting experience under the supervision of an ACCA member. This experience will be documented through a portfolio outlining specific performance objectives.

  • Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM): Complete an online module that assesses your understanding of the ACCA's ethical and professional standards.

  • Membership Application: Once you've met all the requirements, submit a formal application to become an ACCA member.

Thinkquity: Your Partner in ACCA Success

Thinkquity's online ACCA classes provide a flexible and supportive learning environment to navigate the ACCA exam journey. Our comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and focus on practical application will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in each exam stage.

By understanding the exam structure and membership requirements, you can embark on your ACCA journey with a clear roadmap to success. Thinkquity is here to guide you every step of the way.

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